Triangulate!  is a fractal pattern.* Launched before COVID. Small right now and poised to replicate and grow.

Triangulate! by design is diverse and has no professional or industry center of gravity.

What brings us together is the need to cross-fertilize innovative ideas…

  • …and make unexpected network connections…
  • …right here in the Research Triangle region…
  • …and expanding to a larger Triangle over time connecting Research Triangle, Charlotte, and Asheville.

RTP was chartered to hold onto the university grads from our major universities. Today we are a major part of a growing economic corridor. Boston to Washington DC on I-95 is 433 miles and is known as the BOS-NY-WASH megalopolis. I-85 from RTP to Atlanta is 386 miles and this is poised to fill in as a similar megalopolis… with leading universities, a center of global banking and finance, and manufacturing, media, and one of the largest and busiest airports in the world along the route.

We are poised to be a crown jewel in this growth pattern underway!

Contact Kevin Clark at or 919.593.3745

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